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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

About To Write Their Names In The Sand

When your child dies you are left with the most indescribable feeling of emptiness. In some cases there is no record of your child. No recognition of their life. No birth certificate, not even a death certificate. To Write Their Names In The Sand honours, remembers and recognizes the lives of children lost.

How This Dream Began:

"To Write Their Names In The Sand" began in the early hours of August 19th 2008. In her sleep on that cold winter's morning, Carly dreamed of her son Christian for the first time since he was born sound asleep on January 26th 2007.

Carly dreamed that she was walking along the beach when up ahead of her she saw three children playing together. They were laughing and really enjoying their time under the sun. When she got closer to them they ran away up into the sand dunes. When Carly reached the point where the children were playing she saw that they had written their names in the sand.

The children's names were Noah, Bella and Christian.
Carly had dreamed of her son. Even though she did not realize it was him until he was gone she felt overwhelmed with love. Christian was there, he was healthy, whole and happy playing on Heaven's beach with his two little friends that left this Earth only a short time before he did.

Carly woke from her sleep at 3am. Her mind was ticking over. She knew this dream would change her life forever. She knew it meant something amazing.
That evening at sunset Carly went to the beach, she kept her dream to herself and told no one. She wrote the three names that had appeared in her dream. After she had taken the photo's she stood in the water and prayed. Carly asked God for strength and love as she was going to embark on a mission to create a children's memorial website where people from all over the world could request their child's name to be lovingly written in the sand, photographed and be made into a memorial. A world of lost children memorial.

Carly kept the memorial page a secret from Sam. She showed it for the first time to him on Father's Day.
Sam and Carly had no idea that this dream would become something so amazing. They receive on average 100 name requests a day.

Their dream is to bring warm light back into bereaved families lives. They wish for everyone Hope and Peace.

About Carly Dudley

Carly is Christian's mother. She is also a mother to 3 beautiful girls, Scarlett (3) River (2) and Ocea who entered this world in December of 2009. Carly writes all the children's names at the beach. She also takes the photos.

Carly has a passion for helping bereaved families and is the proud Co-Founder of Whispered Support along side her dear friend Sarah Pietrzak.

Carly has many projects to help bereaved families and you can find them all at The Grief Effect.

Her favourite thing in the world is cuddling her precious children. Although her heart aches that she will never hold them all together at the same time she is incredibly grateful to have her three daughters walking and growing alongside her here on Earth.

Carly's dream is to bring Peace and Hope to bereaved families. You can read her personal blog here.

About Sam Dudley

Sam is Christian's Father. He works full time to support Carly and their three daughters, Scarlett, River and Ocea and of course Christian's Legacy.

He has a passion for music, enjoys fitness and surfing but most of all loves spending time with his family and friends.

Sam's dream for this site is to help heal the hearts of bereaved families. He is incredibly thankful to God for giving Carly the dream that would be the beginning of "To Write Their Names In The Sand".