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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Noah Steven Graves

Noah Steven Graves
Born Into Heaven
12th January 2007

"Nothing Missing * Nothing Broken"
Noah Steven Graves * Crowned In Peace"

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Adrienne said...

Good morning, sweet boy. I bet you and Christian are having fun, with all of your beautiful friends. I miss you. Loving a son is so incredibly profound, Noah. You taught me a lot and I'm grateful to have been your mom here on earth and to continue to be your mom as you thrive in Heaven. As I watch your brother, Ryan, grow, I catch glimpses of your face and personality. I know you two are two different souls, but I can't help but think of God's grace, thinking that the moment you left my physical arms would be the last of any more children on earth. Christian's mum and dad and sisters are some pretty awesome people. You see, since I was in 2nd grade I've always dreamed of visiting Australia. I've had a love for that country ever since. And that's a long time. One day I hope to go there, still, but in the meantime, your name was written on the sand of a beach now named after your friend, looking out over the sunset. Your name was written there. You left your footprints on a continent mommy hasn't even gotten to visit. I'm really proud of you for the legacy you continue to leave and the daily inspiration your life gives to me. Son, you never said a word on this earth, but you spoke into my life in an amazing, eternal way. I just wanted to say thank you this morning, in a physical way, by scribing it here. I love you bigger than the Universe. Hugs and kisses all around.