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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ruby Jane Taylor

Ruby Jane Taylor
Born January 5th 2011
Returned to Heaven August 12th 2011

I am a child of God
My days on earth were few
But Heavenly Father placed me there
To spend that time with you
He'll lead you, guide you, walk beside you
Help you so you'll see
I'm in God's arms and loving you
Till you are HOME with me.

We remember you Ruby Jane.
Always on our minds, forever in our hearts. Inspiring greatness, saving lives.

Leah-Ruby Faith Ojeda

Leah-Ruby Faith Ojeda
Born on October 1st 2003 - An Angel on October 10th 2003
United States of America

For our precious little girl..
Baby girl, You were loved from the first day we knew that we would have you. You are so beautiful, perfect in every way. Ten tiny little fingers and toes. You brought us all so much joy and love in your short time with us. We cherished every minute we had you here. You made an imprint in our hearts with each passing day. We cherished this in every way. If we could change anything in this world we would have you here with us instead of up above with your Daddy. We shall meet again one day. Kisses and Hugs from Mommy, Brothers & Your God Parents
Audrey & Rudy T. Ojeda Jr. & Other Family Members.

Lilly Leah Lynn Hulme

Lilly Leah Lynn Hulme
Lilly entered our hearts on May 31, 2011 at 11 weeks.
Vermont, USA

Our dear Lilly,
We miss you every single day and wish that you were here for us to kiss your forehead and tickle your toes. We know that you are in our hearts and that we will meet someday soon. We love you baby girl. Mommy, Daddy, Sadie, Evie, Gracie, Joey, and Zechariah

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart." -Helen Keller

Rachel DeCoursey

Rachel DeCoursey
August 2011

We know you have gone to Heaven to be with your brothers and sisters, but we miss you here! Love, Mom, Dad, and Jonathan

Maddox Lee Walker

Maddox Lee Walker
Born June 6th 2008 Passed September 26th 2008

Dear Maddox,
I miss you so much every day. You were an amazing son and you brightened everyone day when you were around. I will always treasure everyday we spent together and hold you in my heart until we see each other again. I love you to the moon and back forever and always.
Love Always,

Emma & Ella

Emma Marie Hilliard

Ella Leigh Hilliard

April 25th, 2011
Collinsville IL

Rose Isabella Allocca

Rose Isabella Allocca
27th December 2001 - 7th December 2010

In loving memory of Rose

Jacob Charles Venus

Jacob Charles Venus
Born sleeping September 22 1990
Always remembered with love

Andrew Edward Stull

Andrew Edward Stull
December 6, 1998
August 8, 2011

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.
Philippians 1:21

Willow Gypsy Chapman-Rae

Willow Gypsy Chapman-Rae
Born 31.10.10
Passed Away 31.10.10
An Angel wrote in the book of life,
My baby's date of birth,
Then whispered as she closed the book,
"Too beautiful for Earth"

Tobias Desmond David Leitch

Tobias Desmond David Leitch
Born an angel on the 19th May 2011
Western Australia

You were once held in our arms and now you are in Gods. Although you never took a breath your presence will be forever felt.
We love you little man

Aiden Blaine Nowocien

Aiden Blaine Nowocien
Born February 12th 2011
Grew his wings on February 22nd 2011
New York

I will carry you while your heart beats here,
long beyond the empty cradle...through the coming years.
I will carry you all my life,
I will praise the One who's chosen me to carry you. ~Selah

Always and Forever,
Mommy and Daddy

The Goosen Babies

The Goosen Babies
May 8, 2009
March 8, 2010
August 24, 2011

Keira Elizabeth Varela Dow

Keira Elizabeth Varela Dow
Born October 11th 2010, Became our angel August 16th 2011

"Cuddled in Heaven" We had so little time to share, Too soon, I had to leave. I know how much you love me. I know how much you grieve. I know how sharp your pain is, I feel the aching in your hearts. My life so quickly ended before it barely had a start. I remember how you held me, and kissed my face and hands. You cuddled me so gently, but God had other plans. I was your perfect angel from God you knew I came. Suddenly he called me home again, and now God holds my hand. I know you’ll always miss me, I understand your pain is hard to bear. Just remember that I’m in heaven and we’ll see each other there. So smile when you think of me and wipe away all your tears. I’m cuddled now in heaven by our family members here. I’m waiting here in heaven, and on the day we meet again, I’ll be the first to smile and greet you, when God calls you home to him.

Amelia Kaur Mehmi

Amelia Kaur Mehmi

To our darling daughter Amelia, who dances amongst the stars.
Always Loved and Never Forgotten

Mackenzie Taylor Ford

Mackenzie Taylor Ford
Born sleeping April 30th 2008


Liam Thomas Welsford

Liam Thomas Welsford
28th July 2011
Sydney, Australia

Our beautiful little boy.
Forever in our hearts.
Forever missed..

Lots of love,
Mummy & Daddy

Xavier Leece

Xavier Leece
12 July 2006.
Died before birth.

Our love goes on


I knew you were there ...
I knew you were gone ...

Nathan David Stratton

Nathan David Stratton
Born February 14,2011 passed away May 10,2011

I loved you then, I love you now, I will love you forever...for me there are no goodbyes. Link




Baby Boy Kralich

Baby Boy Kralich
New york, USA

I will always love you...
Mommy will be with you both someday soon

Kayden Mychal Bohn

Kayden Mychal Bohn
Buried August 24th 2011

You were my little bean,

that was created in my womb.

I laid in bed at night excited,

and now I'm full of gloom.

I never understood how much

you could miss someone you never met.

And now my heart aches so bad,

that it fills me with regret.

Was there something I did wrong?

How could this come to be?

Your little face, your hands, your feet,

is something I'll never see.

I loved you oh so much,

its something that cannot be explained.

Now these feelings of anger and jealousy,

make me feel ashamed.

You are my angel baby,

and that I know is true.

God is holding you now

You are in Heaven looking down,

watching mommy cry.

I wish you were here,

but then I know that this is not goodbye.

Addison Eloise Crawford


Addison Eloise Crawford

Passed away December 4, 2010 Born December 5, 2010
Olympia, Washington

Our 40 weeks and 5 days with you were the best days of our lives. We missed you yesterday, we miss you today and we will miss you tomorrow. We had a lifetime of dreams planned for you and now we will dream of you for the rest of our lives. We love you baby girl.
mommy and daddy


10/8/08 TO 3/2/09


Mavis Obern

Mavis Obern
2011 5th January

she was a little angel to us
she will always be remembered,
and will always be in our hearts forever

we love you so much nana
love melissa, jason, michael
xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx

Enzo Leandre Griffit

Enzo Leandre Griffit
Born beautiful on July 28th 2011 and became an angel on July 29th 2011.

You have forever changed my life. You have been nothing but a blessing to everyone that you have touched. You are my guiding light, my sunshine, my world, my everything... Enzo, you are my son. The love of my life. I love you more than words could ever express and I miss you dearly. Thank you for making me a mommy, my darling. Te amo con todas mis fuerzas!
“An angel opened the book of life and wrote down Enzo's birth. Then she whispered as she closed the book, 'too beautiful for earth'


Jody Michael Terian

Jody Michael Terian
Born: April 10, 2009 @ 8:57 pm
Passed: April 10, 2001 @ 9:57 pm
Gilbert, Arizona

Dearest Jody: Its been 2 years, 4 months since I laid my eyes on your beautiful face, kissed your soft little face and held you in my arms. In this time I still believe that you were sent here to be our teacher. You have showed us the undying love that parents have for their children, and you are no different than any other child. You, son, are an angel and one of our greatest blessings. You will be part of our present, our past and our future, and your short presence on earth will never be forgotten.

Thank you for our special time... your name will continue to be said with each passing day... You are the greatest part of us...

Love, Mommy & Daddy

Gauge Mana Allambee Christensen

Gauge Mana Allambee Christensen
born august 28th 2005 passed away august 28th 2005
he lived for two hours before passing away

." i see your little face, i am holding your little hands, i cuddle you and kiss your tiny little head! but then i feel something is very wrong, i awake in such a fright, you are not there, you are gone, my heart starts to brake and the pain starts to rip threw me again, i know you are with me and i love you my precious baby boy, for every brush of wind i feel across my face i know it is you my beautiful precious baby boy, we love you my darling baby and miss you every minute of the day!
with all our love dear gaugie, ricky, robert, stevie, teagan, deon, micheal

i love you my sweet heart, i love you with all my heart and soul!!
your mumy oxoxoxoxoxoxo


Kristi and Isaac's Little Angel
July 2011
Perth, Western Australia

The world may never notice
if a rosebud doesn't bloom
or even pause to wonder if the petals fall too soon
but every life that ever forms
or ever comes to be
touches the world
in some small way for all eternity
the little one we longed for
was swiftly here and gone
but the love that was then planted
is a light that still shines on
and though our arms are empty
our hearts know what to do
every beating of our heart says
We will remember you.




October 2, 2005 - July 5, 2008
Tetonia, Idaho

The Crown Without The Conflict.

Adam Paul Baylis

Adam Paul Baylis

Every good and perfect gift
Comes from above.
We were blessed with twins
To cherish and to love.
Born together to grow apart
One in our hands
And one in our hearts.

Harrison Robert Starr

Harrison Robert Starr
Born with wings July 31st, 2011
Colorado, USA

We held you, we kissed you, we told you goodbye,
But we never got to hear you cry.

We saw your face and touched your cheeks,
But your voice escaped and we may never know why,
The reason we never got to hear you cry.

I hope you know how much you ARE loved,
Even though your power went straight to the sky,
Our sweet baby Harrison, I just wish we could've heard you cry.

Mommy, Daddy and your big sister love and miss you more each day.

Izabela Amy Glynn

Izabela Amy Glynn
Born sleeping 17th August 2011
Sleep tight princess xxxxx

Forever In our hearts xxx

Baby Anderson

Baby Anderson
Baby Anderson

Baby Anderson


Baby Anderson


Baby Anderson


Gone, but not forgotten.

Emma Grace Elnicki

Emma Grace Elnicki
Born August 15th 2010
Passed away August 18th 2011
Ashburn, Virginia

Levi Crook VanderRos

Levi Crook VanderRos
April 23,1988-April 24,1988

Sadly missed and remembered with love...

Felix Archie Dent

Felix Archie Dent
Born September 14th 2009. Passed away September 18th 2009

New Zealand

Happy 2nd birthday to our darling angel. We miss you lots.
Love Mummy, Daddy, Kyle & Toby

Violet Easton

Violet Easton
Born to early 19th July 2011
New Zealand

We may not have gotten to meet you
We didn't get to give you a hug
But know that Mummy and Daddy are
thinking of you each and every day.
Give cuddles to your brothers and sisters
for us darling, they have you to watch over now.
And tell Opa to hold you all tight for me
All our love to you Mummy and Daddy

Rex David Guynes

Rex David Guynes
Born April 14, 2011 - Passed away April 26, 2011

Woodrow Terrell Willis

Woodrow Terrell Willis
10/25/1984 - 11/22/1994

I miss you so very much there is not a day goes by that I don't think of you and smile! Love you sweetie, Ma

Amandah Madilynn & Isaiah Emiliano Refugio Rivera

Amandah Madilynn & Isaiah Emiliano Refugio Rivera

With us one brief- precious hour, December 17th 2008.

Before you were conceived, we wanted you.
Before you were born, we loved you.
Before you were here an hour, we would die for you.

This is the miracle of love.

~ Maureen Hawkins

Mercy Catherine

Mercy Catherine
February 15, 2010
1:55am - 3:55am

Our sweet, precious girl; forever loved.

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well."

Psalm 139:14

Liam Trembath

Liam Trembath
North Carolina, USA

Wish you were here.

Nevaeh McCann

Nevaeh McCann
Born 3rd February 2010
passed away 3rd February 2010

Daughter Of Peter & Diane McCann

We'll carry your heart with us
We'll never be apart
Taidi Brian will look after you
Until this world we depart
Our little angel
Lots of Love
Liam & Callum
xx xx