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Monday, August 22, 2011

Matilda Godwin Howes.

Matilda Godwin Howes
Born still on 30th April 2011

In loving memory of our beautiful baby daughter.
Forever in my heart and never forgotten

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Helen said...

So sad that we had to say goodbye to you when we never got to say hello. I never saw your eyes, and you never got to see our faces. I treasure the fact that that you knew me for 35 weeks, and heard my heart beat and voice and the life going on around me.
I will never ever forget you.
I miss you every day.
One day we will be together again. For now, you can be in my Grandmother and Mothers arms up in heaven until one day I will be with you again. I hope you are all smiling down on us.
I love you Matilda,
from Mummy xxxx

Carol said...

Very beautiful tribute to your daughter.