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Friday, September 30, 2011

Carmel E. Osborne II

Carmel E. Osborne II
Born Sleeping....August 23rd, 2011

"Some people only dream of angels, we held one in our arms"

We waited so will forever be missed...we love you our Son!

Daddy, Mommy & Ravenlyn

Joei Sophia Brewer Cooper

Joei Sophia Brewer Cooper

Although your time here was to short.
You forever have touched our hearts. We miss you and love you so much.

Abigail Heaton

Abigail Heaton
Born into the arms of the Lord on October 12, 2011

Lord, we would have loved to hold our daughter on our arms and tell her about you, but since we did not get a chance will you hold her in yours and tell her all about us!

Trysten Lee Mcpherson

Trysten Lee Mcpherson
September 5th 2011

Evan Jukes

Evan Jukes
Born to soon at 22 weeks on 18th September 2011.

for evan

if i had known for one second
if i had known for just one day
that god would steal you for heaven
i wouldnt of sat to him and prayed
i looked for him to save you
and keep you in my womb
but sadly when he seen you, he decided
for this world you were just too good
it broke my heart to know
your heart was still beating inside of me
and i could not do a thing to keep you
and help you breathe
all i can say is sorry
mummy failed you my prince
and if i could pinch you back from heaven
id never let god take you again

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eliana Rose Benvenuto

Eliana Rose Benvenuto
Born an Angel 7th September 2011

Beautiful girl you will forever be Our Shining Bright Light.

Tate Walker McCallum

Tate Walker McCallum
Born on May 4th, 2011
and called to Heaven on May 10th, 2011.

Always remembered, always loved, forever missed by Mom, Dad and twin brother Everett.

Kytel Rewita

Kytel Rewita

I remember as if it were yesterday :(

New Zealand

Always In Our Hearts and Thoughts. Til we meet again my Angel.

Baby Ford/Mcarthur

Baby Ford/Mcarthur
Born and sent to the stars 08/07/2011
United Kingdom

Harry, James and Oliver

Harry Derry
6th july 2011

James Daniel Derry
30th april 2003

Oliver Derry
5th september 2007


My 3 beautiful boys... too special for this world.
i love you with all my heart.

Aidan Xaver Murphy-Sauls

Aidan Xaver Murphy-Sauls
Born and passed on February 2nd, 2011
Seattle, WA, USA

RIP, Aidan. You'll always be mommy's little monkey.

Cooper, Carson, Carter and Scout

Cooper Thompson Boudreau

Carson Thompson Boudreau

Carter Thompson Boudreau

Scout Irene Boudreau

Born too soon on September 21st, 2004

Born and died on June 16th, 2007
(our beautiful twins)

Born sleeping on October 28th, 2008
Los Angeles, California

For our four Miracle Babies,

"Those we have held in our arms for just a little while, we will hold in our hearts forever!"

We love you forever!!

Noah Brenner

Noah Brenner
Born into heaven on December 29th, 2007
North Carolina, United States

Sweet dreams my baby, it’s not our time.
And I’ll dream too, sweet child of mine;
Of the day I close my eyes forever,
And awake to find us both together.

I’ll lift you up and hold you near
And whisper sweetness in your ear.
And make up for all our time apart,
With eternal love within my heart.

So have sweet dreams my precious child
My little one so meek and mild
And you’ll awake when I kiss you
Then our sweet dreams will all come true.

~~Author Unknown~~

Jacob Eli Smith

Jacob Eli Smith
March 9th 2010
Boise, Idaho

Born onto earth as a sleeping baby angel
We will never forget you Baby Jacob.

Genesis Magali Lopez

Genesis Magali Lopez
Stillborn on 3/16/2007, but still born and forever loved.

We love you, we miss you, and think of you everyday. We will see you in the new system.

Mommy, D & G


Born March 15, 2011.
Passed away March 15, 2011.
United States

Ellianna means "God has answered".

Nevaeh Marie

Nevaeh Marie
West Virginia

Dear Lord, I would have loved to have held my baby on my lap and tell her about you, but since I didn't get the chance, would you please hold her on your lap and tell them about me?

Riley Austen Dawes

Riley Austen Dawes
Born 16th May 2008
Passed away 16th May 2008

Love you forever, our beautiful boy

Alexander John Turner

Alexander John Turner
Born 18th October 2010-Grew wings 16th February 2011
Australia, Brisbane

How can we fit a lifetime of love into only 4 Months?

Your eyes were closed, Your breath was stopped, we cried that you were gone.

Forever in our hearts our precious little Boy Xx

Taylor Reid

Taylor Reid
Passed away 11 March 2001

We'll see you in heaven our precious, when our sorrow and tears, He'll transform to joy.

Jacob Henry Harp

Jacob Henry Harp
Born with wings on November 18, 2010

Those we have held in our arms for a little while, we hold in our hearts forever.

Forever in our hearts,
Mommy, Daddy & Big Brother Connor

Zoe Rayn

Zoe Rayn
October 27th, 2000

Isiah Jaythan

Isiah Jaythan
Born: June 26, 1998
Passed away: June 26,1998

I love you lil man, mom

Violet Evelyn Ochoa

Violet Evelyn Ochoa
Stillborn on August 12th, 2011.
36 weeks, 3 days


"Imagine a love so strong that saying hello and goodbye in the same day was worth all the sorrow."

We'll love you forever, we'll like you for always, as long as we're living, our baby you'll be.

Jett Ryder Kowalski

Jett Ryder Kowalski
3 September 2010

Caleb Benedict

Caleb Benedict
Conceived August 2010. Born into Eternal Life April 16, 2011

Peoria,IL, USA

Sweet Baby Boy,
Missing you every day! Hope you are having fun playing with the lambs in Heaven. Remember to save mommy and daddy a seat at the Heavenly Banquet! We LOVE you!

Ciaran Ashley Orehowsky

Ciaran Ashley Orehowsky
Born Sleeping March 15, 2011
PA, United States

To our butterfly in the skyLink
We love you big as the sky to the moon and back always and forever.

Tristan Jolicoeur

Tristan Jolicoeur
Passed away November 5th 2005

"Tú aprendiste a volar
un siete de noviembre
y dejé de tenerle miedo
a la lluvia."

Braxton Razer Morgan

Braxton Razer Morgan
Went to Heaven on September 14th, 2011.

We only had you for a few months, but we will never forget you. We will think about you every day for the rest of our lives. Until the day comes that I can hold you in my arms, my heart will ache for you. You are my baby that grew wings and went to Heaven. We love you Braxton Razor.

Samuel David Abbott

Samuel David Abbott
born august 10th 2011 and passed away august 10th 2011
Houston, Texas

Isabella Neufeld

Isabella Neufeld
Born an Angel May 18th, 2011
(21 weeks)
British Columbia, Cananda

They say that time in heaven is compared to 'the blink of an eye' for us on this earth.
Sometimes it helps me to think of you running ahead of me through a beautiful field of wildflowers and
butterflies; so happy and completely caught up in what you are doing that when you look behind you, I'll already be there.

~Author Unknown

I Love You Forever My Angel
xoxo Mommy xoxo

Kayleigh Renee Stewart

Kayleigh Renee Stewart
Born April 3, 2011 9:23pm
Passed April 3, 2011 10:22 pm

Our precious angel who we miss so much. 59 minutes will never be enough. We love you more than you will ever know.

Luna Anneveldt Hogenkamp

Luna Anneveldt Hogenkamp
Born: August 10th 2010
Passed away: August 10th 2010
The Netherlands, Dalfsen
Liefste Luna,

Wij houden van jou tot aan de maan ... en terug ...
Papa & Mama


Soms mist het kleinste sterretje
de kracht om hier te schijnen.
Nooit zal het achter de horizon
van onze herinnering verdwijnen.
Want juist in 't allerdiepste donker,
is ons sterretje het verschil.
Dat met een kwetsbaar straaltje,
blijvend ons hart verwarmen wil.

Bethany Cate Liebke

Bethany Cate Liebke
Born 17/09/01, Earned her wings 14/09/11.
QLD, Australia.

Today, Another beautiful angel took their wings. 3 days short of her Tenth birthday. It was a long, brave battle. May you rest in peace princess, and forever stay in the hearts of those of us around you that were inspired by you, and the strength and courage of your parents. R.I.P Bethany Cate Liebke 17/09/01 - 14/09/2011.

Ava Rose Graham

Ava Rose Graham
Born 14-06-2011
Passed Away 18-06-2011

Western Australia

We Only Wanted You
They say memories are golden, well maybe that is true
We never wanted memories, we only wanted you
A million times we cried
If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died
In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still
In our hearts you hold a place no one else could fill
If tears could build a stairway and heartache make a lane
We'd walk the path to where you are and bring you back again
Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same
But as time calls us back one by one, the chain will link again
Mummy and Daddy
Until We Meet Again Our Little Princess

Blake Steven & Bradyn Ray

Blake Steven & Bradyn Ray
Born and went to Heaven on June 12th 2011

My dearest Blake and Bradyn, We love you so much and miss you every second of every day. Your always on mommies mind. You daddy and I want you to know your all we ever dreamed of and we are so grateful for the time we shared.

Some only dream of seeing an Angel, We held two in our arms.

We love you forever and always, Mommy & Daddy

Gwyniviere and Onora Mausten

Gwyniviere and Onora Mausten
Born sleeping February 7th 2008
United States

All our Hopes and Dreams,
now carried on Butterfly wings...

Forever loved, Forever missed.

Jayden Joel Hinton

Jayden Joel Hinton
Grew his angel wings June 6,2009

Some people only dream of angels...
We held one in our arms!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Riley Jacob Day

Riley Jacob Day

i love you so much my precious son

Bridgette Faith Hebb

Bridgette Faith Hebb
Born sleeping 16th March 2011

Loved forever and Always by her mummy, daddy and big sister Charlotte

Gage Stewart

Gage Stewart
Born June 18th 2011
Received his wings July 7th 2011


Miss u lil man