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Friday, September 23, 2011

Liam Gerard Baillie

Liam Gerard Baillie
Born and went to Heaven on June 30, 2011
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Liam, you will never walk alone. You are loved and missed by all of us.

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Robyn said...

Not a day goes by that we don't think of you Liam. You are always in our hearts and we are thankful for the few moments we got to spend with you. You are our precious and treasured nephew and cousin.
Love You Always,
Auntie Robyn, Uncle Nelson and Cousin Sofia

Anonymous said...

Liam, you are missed every moment of every day. We feel truly blessed to have known you. You would be proud of your Mum & Dad, and we know you are looking out for them
love always,
uncle Greg & auntie Andrea

Anonymous said...

Liam you'll be missed but you'll always be my first nephew. Look over your mum n dad. You will be missed.
Love your uncle stu.

Ryan said...

Liam I love you mate. The day you arrived in my life you made me the proudest uncle in the world. To be the uncle of such a beautiful, and handsome young lad is truly an honor. The brief time we met was short but will last me a lifetime and beyond. I will continue to speak with you through my prayers and I know you have my back through the thick and the thin because you are my guardian angel. I try to look for reasons why this happened to you but I just can't.  I just keep telling myself you were too good for this world but in the end I just miss you. The fact that I know your spirit is always with me in my heart makes me sleep better at night. To have you as a nephew is all I could I ever ask for so thank you Liam for that blessing it means the world to me.
Love uncle Ryan

Kevin said...

Liam, you are amazing like your mom and dad. You have filled us with so much love and pride. You left a mark on us all that is so profound its simply unbelievable. No word or emotion exists to describe what you have given us all. We love you more and more as each day passes. Love is the strongest thing imaginable it never leaves us. Thats why you will be here with us all forever.
YNWA. Liam
Love Uncle Kevin and Auntie Vicki

Anonymous said...

Liam you are missed soo much by your entire family that words can not express. You brought so much love into our world. The one thing that helps me through it, is that I got to hold you and kiss that gorgeous face. I know that you will always be looking out for your mom and dad. We want you to know that you couldn't have had better parents and that they will continue to love you forever.
So to our first nephew we say sleep tight
and we will see you again in our dreams at night.
Hugs and kisses
Love always
Aunty Emily and Uncle Anthony

Grandma & Granddad said...

Our little Liam

Not a day goes past that we don't think of you. You are always in our thoughts. Our first Grandchild, our beautifull little Liam. We miss you and love you. We are so greatfull we got to hold you to say hello and ultimately goodbye, we will cherish them moments forever. Though you are not with us in person, you will be in our hearts forever.

Love always,

Grandma amd Grandad

PS. You have the best Mum and Dad you could have asked for.....


Anonymous said...

Our dear, sweet grandson, Liam - how beautiful and sweet you are, just like your dear parents who love you so much. We think of you and speak to you first thing each morning and last thing each night. We will share all of our lives with you, now and forever. So many people love and miss you. You will live and grow in our hearts forever and we know that God and both of your great-grandfathers will watch over and take care of you. Until we meet again, all of our love from Grandma and Grandpa Stover.

Robyn Nelson & Sofia said...

Merry Christmas Little One. We miss you a lot, wish you were here to spend your first Christmas with us. We looked and looked for an ornament with your name on it for our tree, but couldn't find one. Your Mummy and Daddy picked such a nice name for you that they are all sold out. We will keep looking for next year.
We asked Jesus to give you a big kiss for us today. Please come and give us big kisses and hugs in our dreams tonight.
We miss you so much and know you are having a peaceful Christmas in Heaven.
We Love You,
Auntie Robyn, Uncle Nelson and Cuzzie Sofia

Robyn said...

Happy New Year prayers to you Liam. 2011 is gone but you will be with us in 2012 and always.
Love You Always, Love You Still, Always Have, Always Will.

Robyn Nelsom Sofia and Family said...

Birthday Wishes for you today Liam. We miss you more than words can say, but glad we met you on this Day.
Love your Auntie Uncle Cuzzie and furry cuzzies. Xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Little Guy
I miss you so much
I hope you're having a great day whatever you may be doing.
Stick beside Rhys and help him to a safe delivery and safe arrival at home. I love you so much.
Love Auntie xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Your baby brother is so beautiful just like you. I wish you were here to see but I know ur watching. Xoxoxo love you Liam, your auntie always thinks of you

Anonymous said...

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy 2014

Anonymous said...

... Problem with comments... I hope it shows up :/

Auntie said...

Happy Easter Liam
Miss you so much
Love Auntie

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday Angel Face
We miss you

Daddy said...


I tried to write a song that was meant to be sad
That would make me angry and mad
Then I thought about you, and it all went away

It's true that I may struggle sometimes
I might break down and cry, and ask questions, why?
But then I just smile, and it all goes away

These words have been coming for over four years and counting
But make no mistake, you were never forgotten

You made me the proudest father
Made my sweetheart a mother
From the heavens above, gave us a son and a daughter
Making sure that they were safe for us, directly under your care
I want you to know, that I know you were there

The truth is luck is just a matter of perspective
To the naked eye, we're short of it
Forgive them, they don't get it
From where I stand, I'm definitely the luckiest one
From June 30,2011
The day you were born

As I held you in my arms
A moment I'll never forget
As I fumbled singing songs to you, until you took your last breath
I held you even tighter, and I gave you a kiss
Goodnight my little angel
Goodnight my love, God bless

I dream of you at night
I joke and laugh with you during the day
If our walls could only talk
I'd bet they'd say that we are strange
That's ok though, because I know you've always got my back
It's us vs. the world, marching forward, we attack

With pretend swords of course, because you are far too sweet to fight
Unless it's our epic tickle wars, that we love to play at night
From our quirky songs, our TV shows, that I know will be a hit
Our inside jokes that we tell mummy, who is always in on it

There are a few more things I have to tell you now, before I go
The most important part, that I hope you already know

You turned a boy into a man
You turned the weak into the strong
You give my life a different meaning
I could keep on going on

You make me strive to be the best
Make me think I can achieve it
Every now and then I'll slip
But I'll get up because I believe that

You will always be by my side
You will always be my friend
I feel comfort in knowing that one day we'll meet again

Lastly, my sweet child
It would mean the most to me
Instead of taking care of us all the time
Let that burden lie with me

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today and every day

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Baby
Feels like you were just born yesterday not six years ago. Love you forev

Anonymous said...

Lucky 7 this year it’s almost your day xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Today is your day today is your day Happy Birthday xoxoxo we miss you so much love you