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Friday, September 23, 2011

Milana Drea Taugelchee Pelt

Milana Drea Taugelchee Pelt
Born asleep September 10, 2011
Due December 10, 2011
USA- Tempe, AZ

Simple Treasures

You were a part of us and we knew a life was there
We would wonder—a boy or girl? Would you have hair?

I reflect back on the memories of what I felt inside
Were you growing? Was that a flutter?
Were your eyes open wide?

Now you are here but not as we planned
Our dreams have been shattered as we touch your little hand.

Your tiny feet, your sleeping face, we know you are in a special place
Your peaceful look, your little nose
God cradles you in a sweet repose.

But we have these gifts to hold close to heart
And we will always have the memories of which you are a part.

You were a part of us and we knew a life was there
We thank you for these simple treasures you have placed within our care.

-Author Unknown

With all our LOVE,
Dad (Brandon), Mom (Tiffanie) and Big Sister (Manessa)

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