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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Livia Iris Just

Livia Iris Just
Born 18th of July 2008
First of twins,
Passed away peacefully on the 20th of July 2008
Mona Vale, Sydney

"When you feel a summer breeze,
Or the twinkling stars you see,
Give a little smile,
It's love from Livia to thee"

We love you so much our precious Angel and miss you more and more with each passing day.
Our hearts have been broken because you only stayed a little while,
When we look at your twin we imagine you sitting side by side smiling at each other.
Our beautiful baby girl you will never be forgotten and will always and forever be in our hearts.
You truly are the sunshine of our lives and we love you with all of ours hearts.
Goodnight sweet Angel.

With love and kisses
Mummy, Daddy and your twin baby brother Ashley.

Kassandra Tremblay-Welbourne

My Ladybug
Kassandra Tremblay-Welbourne
Passed away January 23 2008

She was 5 years old

Gatineau, Québec

Monday, May 11, 2009

Andrew Dean and Pamela Kate Ashcraft

Andrew Dean Ashcraft

Pamela Kate Ashcraft

Columbus, Georgia

I know I never got to see your face or hold you in my arms but that does not take away for the love I feel for both of you. I know you are in the best hands possible. I can't wait to meet you.

Psalm 94:18-19

When I said "My foot is slipping,
your love Oh Lord supported me.
When anxiety was great within me,
your consolation brought joy to my soul."

Samuel Robert

Samuel Robert
Born sleeping March 18, 2007

An Angel in the Book of Live
wrote down our babies birth,
then whispered as She closed the Book,
"too beautiful for earth".

Paul Anthony Hawira

Paul Anthony Hawira
Born on the 24th November 1990.
Lost to us on the 26th October 2006
as the result of a car accident.

Hamilton, New Zealand

You are loved and missed every minute of every day, now and forever Paulie. Love, Mum, Dad, Josh, Jarrod and Anthony

Leah Bowker

Leah Bowker
August Born 12,2007
and passed away the same day
St Pete Florida
Mommy and Daddy miss u so much u were with us such a lil time but touched so many people. We love u very much and wish u were with us.

Joshua Ryan

Joshua Ryan

Date of birth 6 March 2009

Born into Heaven 6 March 2009

Our Joshy, too precious for this world, now an Angel to watch over us.

We love you beautiful boy and miss you so very much.

Love always Mum, Dad and Bailey

Sunday, May 10, 2009


23 April, 2004

How softly you tiptoed into our world,
so silently,
only a moment you stayed,
but what an imprint your footsteps have left upon our hearts.


Mum, Dad, Joshua, Jessica and Samuel

Tampa, Florida

Karli Ray and Kayli Beth

Kayli Beth

Karli Ray

Karli Ray and Kayli Beth

Stillborn 2 years ago.

Bailey William Todd

Bailey William Todd
Born Sleeping 24 March 2009
Adelaide, South Australia

Our beautiful baby boy will be forever in our hearts.
We will miss you everyday.

Lots of Love,
Mummy and Daddy and big brother Brodie.

Miranda Lucius

Miranda Lucius
Born into heaven on May 24, 1995

The journey continues on...your seventeen
weeks that I held you dear to my heart was
too short...yet...your life has
changed our lives...for the good.

Love forever...your family
Dad, Mom, Nick, Zac and Jake Lucius
South Lyon,

Michigan USA


My son
Passed away from Muscular Dystrophy on April 18th, 2009
He was born April 7, 1977

Loved always by Mom/Rick, Dad/Barb and sister Jenn XO

Gavin Edward Mustin

Gavin Edward Mustin
Born to this earth and carried home in the arms of Jesus,
January 22, 2009
Oklahoma City, OK United States.

Gavin Edward Mustin
May the Lord bless you and keep you until we meet again.

January 22, 2009

Loving and missing you always,
Mommy and Daddy

Hope, Adam, and Charlie Coyne




Hope, Adam, and Charlie Coyne
Born into Heaven on March 24th, 2009
New York, USA

Precious triplets whom we have eagerly loved and awaited since the day God created you, our hearts ache to hold you in our arms once again and to look into your eyes and tell you how we love you. It is so hard without you with us, and letting go of the dreams of our lives together seems like an unfathomable task. We take comfort that you are with Jesus and our Father who made you, and we await the day until we meet once more. We love you and miss you so much.


September 21, 2007 - March 13th 2008

We love you Wyatt and miss you each and everyday.
We look forward to the day when we get to hold you in our arms again.
Mom, Dad, Tyler, Emily and Hayley

"We are a Forever Family"

Day Of Women

Today in our home we are thinking about women.

Women who have all their children here on Earth with them.

Women who have children here and who have also lost children.

Women who have lost their only children.

Women who have ended there pregnancies for whatever reason.

Women who have so much trouble just conceiving a child.

And women who's only dream is to have children but for whatever reason just can't.

Whatever woman you are - today we wish you love and peace.

Emma Garrison

Emma Garrison

Date of Birth: August 3, 2007

Passed away: August 3, 2007

Connecticut, United States

You are missed beyond words and loved beyond measure.

Jacob Bulinski

Jacob Bulinski
Date of Birth/Death October 23, 2008
Illinois - USA

"A moment on this Earth, forever in our hearts. We love and miss you Jacob.

Mommy, Daddy and Steven"


Born March 15, 2009
San Diego, CA

In Our Hearts Forever

Aren and Brianne Megerdichian

Gwyneth Lauren Kiegel

Gwyneth Lauren Kiegel

Date of birth October 30, 2007
Passed away on February 12, 2008
Due to SIDS

Suffolk, VA

"Our Beautiful Little Punts..You taught us more in your short life than most learn in a lifetime..We love & miss you beyond words each and every day."

Katherine Elizabeth Larsen


Born into heaven

June 24, 2007

Salt Lake City, UT

"When you have a child your instinct is to protect them,
when you lose one it's to protect their memory."
~Author Unknown
All our Love,
Dad, Mom, Big Sisters Jacquie & Emily

Ella Elizabeth

Ella Elizabeth
Born to Heaven Novemember 12, 2007


March 6, 2009 - April 10, 2009

Sadness comes out of love and all love is completed in sadness.
Sadness then is a kind of terrible privilege.
We thank you, Tommy, for this privilege of sadness.
We thank you, Tommy, for the special months before your birth.
We thank you, Tommy, for the wonder of your growth.
We thank you, Tommy, for your few weeks with us in this world,
and for allowing us to know you as a real person.
We thank you, Tommy, for that little piece of human perfectness you were.

We love you and miss you our little angel,
Mommy & Daddy

Owen Matthew Sliger

Owen Matthew Sliger
Stillborn, but born still on January 25, 2009
Charlotte, NC

How very softly you tiptoed into my world
Almost silently
Only a moment you stayed
But what an imprint your foot prints have left upon my heart

Madalyn Grace Stewart

Madalyn Grace Stewart
Born Sleeping July 25, 2008

Loved by
Mommy Daddy and big brother Noah

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ella and Benjamin

Born with wings-- Oct 21/2007

Born with wings-- Feb 22/2008

We never met, but we will always love you.

Mommy and Daddy

Scarborough, Ontario. Canada

Lincoln David Howard and Sergey ( Сергей )

Lincoln David Howard
3 Nov 2008 - 26 Nov 2008
Salt Lake City, Utah

"For where your treasure is, there you heart will be also"
Matthew 6:21

Born sleeping at 36 weeks
on 25 July 1998

"Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven"


Some only dream of Angels,
We held Them in our arms.


He was delivered and born into Heaven on December 16, 2008
Coon Rapids, Minnesota USA

you are in my thoughts constantly and never a moment goes by where you are not on my mind. I miss and love you dearly. Until we meet again.....
Love Mommy

Brandon Dewayne , Mary Breanna and Melody Lucy-Anna

Brandon Dewayne
Born and died October 24, 1991
Cookeville Tennessee

Mary Breanna
Born October 24, 1991
Died September 5, 1991
Cookeville Tennessee

Melody Lucy-Anna
July 24, 2008
Cookeville Tennessee

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alex, Michael, Dinah, Danica and Daniel DeCoursey











Kayleigh and jess Gordon

Jess Gordon
Born on 17th June 2008
Was called to the sky 19th June 2008

We only held you for mere moments, we never got to see your eyes baby girl, but I will never forget you and just can not wait to hold you in heaven.

Kayleigh Gordon
Born on 25th November 2002
Joined her sister and the holy father on 23 November 2008

We miss you, our sweet little kayleigh, we were fortunate enough to know your personality and know that you are caring for darling Jess.
Mummy and Daddy miss you both so much and you are forever in our hearts, our girls with the wings.

Isabel Faith

Isabel Faith
Born July 24, 2005
Went to the arms of God on March 8, 2009

Staunton, Virginia

I am your hush now:

You are my lyrical.

I am your peace on Earth;

you are my miracle.

~You Are My Miracle

We love you precious girl and we miss you so.

~Mommy, Daddy, your Gracie, and Grandma



29/12/08 (Stillbirth)

Culiacan, Mexico

-Gracias por los 9 meses que estuviste aqui con nosotros, te adoramos y te extrañamos mucho loco. Tus papás que te quieren. Hilda y Carlos.

Trenton James Papineau

Trenton James Papineau

Born 10-26-2008
Passed 10-30-2008

Trenton was born 15 weeks early and taken from us to soon.
Mommy will never forget and will always love you.
R.i.p lil man.


Hannah Eileen Salcher

Hannah Eileen Salcher

Born: 7-7-2007
Left us: 12-27-2008
San Antonio, TX USA

"Forever in Our Hearts, Forever in Honah Lee"

Preston, Amie-Leigh and Sofia

Our first born, forever we will think of you.


Princess we are so proud of you and glad that you pain is over.

Born sleeping.

Too beautiful for this Earth.

We know you are caring for one another, please wait for us up there.
Mummy and Daddy x