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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day Of Women

Today in our home we are thinking about women.

Women who have all their children here on Earth with them.

Women who have children here and who have also lost children.

Women who have lost their only children.

Women who have ended there pregnancies for whatever reason.

Women who have so much trouble just conceiving a child.

And women who's only dream is to have children but for whatever reason just can't.

Whatever woman you are - today we wish you love and peace.

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Natalie Porter said...

Bless you Carly and Happy Mothers Day!

Louisa said...

this is lovely, thanks Carly, have a lovely mother's day
Love Loux

Sue said...

I knew you would have something special here in this special place today

My Love to all always and especially today


Sally-Ann said...

Thank you for the special Mother's Day post.
Thank you also for the comfort and peace you bring with your beautiful photos.

Gina said...

Thank you Carly! Have a wonderful day!