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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Livia Iris Just

Livia Iris Just
Born 18th of July 2008
First of twins,
Passed away peacefully on the 20th of July 2008
Mona Vale, Sydney

"When you feel a summer breeze,
Or the twinkling stars you see,
Give a little smile,
It's love from Livia to thee"

We love you so much our precious Angel and miss you more and more with each passing day.
Our hearts have been broken because you only stayed a little while,
When we look at your twin we imagine you sitting side by side smiling at each other.
Our beautiful baby girl you will never be forgotten and will always and forever be in our hearts.
You truly are the sunshine of our lives and we love you with all of ours hearts.
Goodnight sweet Angel.

With love and kisses
Mummy, Daddy and your twin baby brother Ashley.

2 Send Your Love Here: said...

Bless you sweetest little Livia and that lovely family of yours too.
Sally xx

Kaasos said...

Ohh so so so sweet you are... miss you more + more with each waking moment. LoAdS of LoVE, you r the one BRIGHTEST star of all, Love Your God Mummy, Kasey XxXx :)