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Tuesday, May 5, 2009



29/12/08 (Stillbirth)

Culiacan, Mexico

-Gracias por los 9 meses que estuviste aqui con nosotros, te adoramos y te extrañamos mucho loco. Tus papás que te quieren. Hilda y Carlos.

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Carlos E. Monjaraz Ramos said...

Thanks a lot Carly, we liked a lot the picture!

Saludos desde Mexico
Hilda y Carlos

Angel... said...

I lost my baby as well in Dec 08 and my due date was jan 6/09. I still don't knw what happened..all of sudden

Carlos E. Monjaraz Ramos said...

Our due date was exactly the same, Guillermo was in his 40th week, we were just waiting for mi wife's water to broke or for her to start in to labor to run to the hospital. If he didn't arrive by jan 4 she would get a C-Section...

We feel exactly the same as you do, we had gone to the doctor two days before this happened and he was okay, fromo one day to the other we lost him for no apparent reason.

My email is if you want to talk or whatever you need.

Saludos desde Mexico
Carlos Monjaraz