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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ahlana Maree

Tinashe Malachi Madongorere

Ellie Mae Wilson

Ellie Mae Wilson
28th July 2010
So beautiful, so wanted, so loved, so missed.

.....One moonlight night, the fairies came
flying in at the window, and brought her
such a pretty pair of wings, that she could
not help putting them on: and she flew with
them out of the window, and over the land,
and over the sea, and up through the clouds...

From "The Water Babies" by Charles Kingsley

Always in our hearts

Owen Michael Gimelli

Baby Tran

Temilee Georgia Mears

Kynan Jacob Mears

David Tyson Dingmann

Kayden Ryan Forbes Thompson

Kayden Ryan Forbes Thompson
Born January 24, 2009, passed away same day


McKinney K. Proctor

Jackson Edward Fulkerson

Reily John Wendt

Katie, Stevie, Jamie and Mattie


Michaela Rae Gaetjens

Devon Marie Lam

Lauren Charlotte Crameri

Dalton Lawyer

Our Angel Baby

Andrew Daniel Thibodeau

Madeline Corinne Wear

Jeremiah Scott Davis

Terence Christopher Kuzyk

Isabella Rose Endres

Cassandra Elizabeth

Tate J. Earl

Naomi, Sabith & Manuel De la Cruz




Naomi, Sabith & Manuel De la Cruz

Born/Passed away October 8th 2010

Isabella Rose

Charles Avi Edward King

Aviv Delayahu


Michael Ketchersid

Quincy Ballard