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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tottie Dalgarno-Platt

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Kim Dalgarno said...

We never got to meet Tottie but our love is forever with him.

Kim, Kristine & David
and the rest of the Dalgarno Family in Australia

Jessica Simmon said...

I love this! It's beautiful and reading your memorial to him made me cry. Tottie was beautiful and is waiting to see his family in Heaven.
Sending love from Alabama,
Jessica, Matt, Owen, Anna, & Evan

Christina said...

It's beautiful and precious. Your family is in our thoughts prayers.
Christina and Shawn, Sarah, Molly, Piper, and "bean"

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful. Your family is in our prayers.
Love, Diana, Chris, Cameron and Samantha.

Misty said...

A beautiful picture, for a beautiful family! You are all so loved. our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. *hugs*

Misty, Rusty, Ricky, Felizia & Christian too!

Eli said...

This is so sweet, I love it. I'll be thinking about you guys over the next couple of weeks!

Elizabeth, Dan and Anna

kate said...

So beautiful, I am glad you have such a beautiful photograph to remember your son.

Amanda Johnson said...

I am so sorry such a tragedy happened to such beautiful people. Thinking of you guys and of Tottie, your angel.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Laura I am so glad you have this to remember Tottie by.

Christine, Mike, Corin & Brennen!