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Friday, September 23, 2011

Erin Hart

Erin Hart
One precious day 25th August 2011

We will carry you with us in our hearts forever. Sweet dreams sleeping beauty.

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Anonymous said...

will always be loved and remembered by grandma and grandad paul. xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Little Erin, There is not a day that goes by when I don't think about your lovely face my darling little grandaugter, I will never forget you and the brief joy you brought to our family, life is so cruel and your Mummy & Daddy have been so strong love you always......... Grandadxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Darling Erin,
Not to bloom on earth but in heaven,
you touched the hearts of everyone and you will be missed by all especially by your lovely Mummy, Daddy and Katie.
God bless Lovebug
With love
George and Family xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous baby girl Erin Hart thank you for my cuddles sweetie ill treasure the memory forever. You will always have a special place in my heart love you lots and lots sleep tight little princess love victoria xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

A perfect picture for a perfect niece. We will carry your memory with us forever. Rest easy Erin, lots of love Aunty Sarah

Sandra said...

Erin, my precious grandaughter,
I loved you before I even met you,
but when we did meet and I held perfection (you)in my arms the depth of my love became unfathomable.
God bless little angel,
Your everloving granny Sandra

Anonymous said...

Our love and warmth wrapped into this message> God bless you Erin love your friends Hannah, John & Mae xx

Tara Smith said...

Little Baby Erin

We wish so much we could watch you grow up
But life on earth for you was abrupt

We wish so much we could hold you one more time
For that I think we’d give our last dime

But most of all……

We wish so much for you to rest in peace
And we do love your special place on the beach

All our love Auntie Tara & Auntie Kelly

Anonymous said...

To Baby Erin,

Sometimes the stars that shine brightest in the sky.

Sadly are gone in the twinkling of an eye.

That doesn't mean that our memories will cease.

You will stay in our hearts, our beautiful niece.

Lots Of Love,

Uncle Garry & Auntie Jules XXXXXX

Anonymous said...

Precious Erin, you were only here so briefly but will be cherished for a lifetime. I know your Mummy loves you with every breath she takes. Heaven has gained a very special baby girl, too beautiful for this earth. God bless angel. Love Laura and family xxx

Sandra said...

Dearest Erin, One year today since you came into this world and touched our lives so briefly. Not a day goes by that you're not missed. You're loved so much. God Bless sweetheart, from Grandma Sandra xxx

Sandra said...

Precious little grandaughter Erin, today is Christmas day and I wish you could have been here with the rest of your family to celebrate and open your presents, but alas, it wasn't to be...Since your birthday you have become a middle sister to Holly. What a trio of beauties! Always remembered, love and kisses from Grandma Sandra xxxx

Sandra said...

Two years today have now passed. Sweet sweet Erin,always in my heart,loved and remembered.
Love and kisses from
Grandma Sandra xxxxx

Sandra said...

Hello precious darling Erin
It would have been lovely to say "Happy Christmas" to you and see you opening your Christmas presents as I did a couple of days ago, with your sisters Katie and Holly. This would have been your 3rd Christmas, so you would have been so into it!
We all still miss you so much and always will.
Love always from Grandma Sandra xxxxx

Sandra said...

Dearest Darling Erin,
Today would have been your third birthday. Hip hip hooray! I still find it almost impossible to put into words the sadness I feel that you're not here to give hugs and kisses to. I just hope there is a heaven and we will meet again...
Love always forever from Grandma Sandra xxxxx

Sandra said...

Darling Erin, you would be five now and at school.
Still think about you every day and alway will.
Easter has just passed, wish you were here to have eggs just like your sisters!
Love you little angel xxxxx
From Grandma xxxxx