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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ella Bell

Ella Bell
Left the comfort of Mommy's womb on August 05, 2011
Due February 21, 2012
Missouri, USA


When you were still in my belly, God sent me a song called “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman. He used that song to remind me to enjoy every day I got to spend with you. Here are some of the words:

“I will dance with Cinderella while she is here in my arms. Because I know something the prince never knew. I will dance with Cinderella. I don’t want to miss even one song. Because all too soon, the clock will strike midnight. And she’ll be gone.”

I wanted a lifetime to dance with you, sweet baby, but I got only 8 weeks. I’m sorry I couldn’t carry you longer. Your mommy, daddy, and big brother Rylan love you very much. Until the day I get to dance with you again, take care of your two siblings already there: Eden and Jesse. I love all three of you with all of my heart.

Waiting to dance with you again,

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