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Friday, September 30, 2011

Evan Jukes

Evan Jukes
Born to soon at 22 weeks on 18th September 2011.

for evan

if i had known for one second
if i had known for just one day
that god would steal you for heaven
i wouldnt of sat to him and prayed
i looked for him to save you
and keep you in my womb
but sadly when he seen you, he decided
for this world you were just too good
it broke my heart to know
your heart was still beating inside of me
and i could not do a thing to keep you
and help you breathe
all i can say is sorry
mummy failed you my prince
and if i could pinch you back from heaven
id never let god take you again

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claire noke said...

Such a beautiful poem from such a beautiful lady. Your perfect little Evan was taken away far too soon and words cannot express how I feel for you. You don't how much I hoped and wished and prayed for you, your family and Baby Evan.

Your amazing Angeline and I wish you and your family lots and lots of love at this heart-breaking time.

Love Claire xxx

JulesGee said...

I had tears when I read your poem before and have them again now... Wish there was more which could of been done for you all Love Julie xxx

Lisa Jackson xx said...

Lots of love Angeline from one angel mummy to another xxxxx

Anonymous said...

such a lovely poem it brought tears to my eyes rip baby evan you will never be forgotting all our love to ange and family love michelle michael dylan and ethan xxxx