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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miles Rhoden Kennedy-Taylor

Miles Rhoden Kennedy-Taylor
12th August 2011
Somerset, UK

In tears I've seen you leave
I felt you pass away
my heart is almost broken
I wanted you to stay
when I saw you sleeping
quiet but free from pain
I couldn't wish you back with me
to suffer again and again
it broke my heart to lose you Miles
you're really not alone
for part of me went with you
just know I chose your home
I'm going to stay here with Daddy for a while
Ethan and Holly, need me
So I will make them smile
I will join you very soon
your my precious tiny man
I'll cuddle you, just as soon as I can
There's so much we will see
and lot's that we will do
please don't be sad, remember
Mummy loves you!

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CK said...

So sad with out you little Miles love Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx