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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back to the beach for 2010.

Dear Friends,

Tonight we would like to just write and update everyone on our plans for getting back to the beach.

As some of you may know we welcomed our fourth child and third daughter into this world on December 16th 2009. Ocea Marie was born a healthy and happy little girl.

Carly had a complication with the spinal block that has caused her to have a headache since Ocea was born. This headache seems to be easing and for that we are very grateful.

This evening we made a trip to the beach. This was Ocea's first time to Christian's seashore. It was a beautiful evening. Carly wrote a few special names tonight. As much as she would like to return to the beach straight away and open up requests, she is physically not well enough yet. So our plan is to go to the beach each weekend and see how Carly feels after each beach trip. When she feels fit enough we will open the requests again. We are hoping to be able to do this sometime in the first couple of weeks of February.

We would like to thank everyone so much for all your patience.

We hope that 2010 is a year of Peace for all that are hurting.

With Love and Hope,

Sam, Carly, Scarlett, River and Ocea

Remembering Christian Always.

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Baking for my babies said...

i hope your health improves and your headaches diminish. you heart and your work are beautiful .I recently just lost my tiny, still but otherwise perfect daughter Ryen. Someone encouraged me to take a look at your site. it is beautiful. i wish your family health and happiness.

Anonymous said...

Welcome baby Ocea & congrats Sam & Carly.
Its a beautiful thing you are doing here. I was encouraged to look at this sight by my sister-in-law after loosing my 1st born to a drunk driver, Joshua was 20 years old. It makes doesn't matter if you have them for 20 minutes or 20 years, they remain in your heart forever.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the arrival of wee ocea. I hope the first trip to honour christian was everything you wanted it to be.

remembering our precious lost ones always.

looking forward to hearing the updates as mum, baby, and dad and siblings adjust to ocea's arrival.


Narelle Schwartz said...

Congrats again on your gorgeous Ocea <3 I hope the trip to Christians Shore/Beach was a wonderful experience for you i know christians love shines upon you all where ever you are, but im sure you really feel it when down on his beach. Hope your feeling better soon angel, <3 Love, Peace and Hope always in memory of our little lost babies.

Mummy Loves you Bodhi now and forever


Lisette said...

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy, she is just precious. Her big brother must be so proud! Hope you feel better soon.

Life More Simply said...

Have they tried a blood patch? Head aches are commonly a result from epidurals if there has been a leak from the entry point. It causes the cerebralspinal fluid to diminish, thus causing severe headaches usually when the patient does anything but lay down flat. With a blood patch, they take some blood from the person's vein and actually use it to "patch" the hole in the spinal columm so the fluid stays put and everything heals.

Hope she's doing well soon! Thanks for the update, and congrats on your beautiful new little one.:-)

Franchesca Cox said...

Carly, I hope you get to feeling better soon :)


Toni said...

I hope your feeling better soon. Congrats on your little Princess.

Many (((Hugs)))

Just Beachy said...

I just wanted to share with you how special you are , and what comfort you bring , I am saddened by all the lost babies and families in pain .
I found you last January when my niece was still born at 34 weeks , I found her name here , it brought my brother and his wife an image to share their daughter to remember her by , sadly I needed to return this January when they lost their second daughter a year and 17 days apart , this is so unimaginable and devasting , thank you for doing this for families , even though these names weren't written directly for us , it is lovely and thank you .
Sisters together forever , Bella 2009 and Eva 2010 .
I am so happy to hear of Ocea's safe arrival .

Jo Watkinson said...

I think this is such a beautiful thing that you are doing and It warmed my heart to hear that your daughter was born safe and well. I hope with all my heart that you recover well and that your headaches can get better. xxx

Haley Rae's Mommy said...

To Carly and Family,
Congrats and best of luck on the birth of your new baby girl Ocea. I love the name you picked a very beautiful and meaningful name that shines. You are truly a very special person and all you do for other people is so amazing that it can't even be put in to words. You made our angel Haley Rae Savage in sand in Oct. 2009 and we will forever be thankful for your kindness. Thanks again for all you do. Lots of love, best wishes, and god bless all of you.
Love Always,
Dana Glowicki and Family

Trina.H said...

Much love to you and your wife on the new life. It is so wonderful what you are doing for families like mine who only have a name and ultrasound to remember their babies.
I am so very blessed every time a child enters a family after a loss.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful name, Ocea.