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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Abbi Christine Jean Spacey

Abbi Christine Jean Spacey
Born Sleeping On The 20th of March 2009


Not a day goes’ by that I don't think of you
What you would have looked like
What colour was your hair
Did you have my blue eyes?
Was your skin real fair
I felt you move inside me
Like an angel dancing around
I couldn't wait to meet you
And hold you safe and sound
But heaven had other plans
You were too good for this place
I'd never get to dress my girl
In all the frill's and lace
My heart and soul are broken
And beyond repair
From the minute you left this world
Life became so unfair
What I would give to have you back
And hold you in my arms
To be your loving mum again
And protect you from all the harm
My only comfort that I have
Is knowing that someday
We will be together again
And my pain will fade away

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