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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Molly Grace Hitchick

Molly Grace Hitchick 
Lost to us 18th July 2012 

My baby, my baby,

Can you really be lost?

On tiptoe you came, and by stealth you left, your footprints as though in melting snow. No flags cast low to mark your flight, the world whirls on, unknowing. Like dusk, a flickering heartbeat sets into the still of night.

Only the size of a whisper, but to my ears you were a drumbeat. Quiet as a wish, as loud as a thousand dreams. A single teardrop, you can drown me.

You belonged here, with me. Now there is a little chink, in the shape of the plans I made with you.

Maybe you were still mostly a secret, so smiles or soft skin, but you are as real as the wind. Not seen, much felt.

Whoever else may come to me along the same mysterious path, it won't be you. It's you I'm missing.

Time keeps us apart a while, but one day will weave us back together. Sleep soundly, my little love. You are wrapped up and warm in my heart. xx

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