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Monday, September 15, 2008

Christyana, Qianna and Evelyn

Born Sleeping August 10th 2004

Born Sleeping August 10th 2004

Born Sleeping February 17th 2008

"The Angel wrote in the book of life,
Christyana, Qianna and Evelyn's dates of birth.
She whispered as she closed the book...

"Too Beautiful for this Earth"

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Tony Dollars said...

I wonder it is OK to offer this translation of Proverbs 31: Virtuous Woman for young female children that live? Can you use it to make plain and easy to read for them?
:10 A "WIFE," Noble character to me means she is not trying to be better than anyone, or belittle any one. Nor is she offended by what others do or say. She is simply living her best.
:11 & 12: because she is noble, her husband totally trust her and is compelled to live his best with and for her. She has no problem taking care of her husbands needs when he needs her, without complaints.
:13 She is the creator of product, or clothing to clothe her family, people of need, and her workers.
:14 She gathers goods from her purchase away from home, at whole sale.
:15 She is not a lover of sleep. She rises early to prepare breakfast for her people.
:16 & 17 She buys property and applies the necessary work and assignments to continue to expand her profits so she can provide for her people and the business.
:18 & 19: She does not see night as a time for fun and waste. She see's it as a time away from the structured business expectations, and uses that time to make advancements and preparations for future progress starting with the next morning.
:20 She finds opportunities for giving to non-porofit organizations, maybe even creating her own or participating committed with one that has been created by someone close to her.
:21 She has prepared for the future way ahead of time. Placing her money in those things that gather goods for the winter months, and low income times.

:22 She cleans well, her home is well furnished, and she dresses beautifully.
:23 & 24: Her husband is a respected man in the world of business, and her efforts are part of the reason. Her clothing product sales are part of the reason why people are so respectful of her husband.
:25 & :26 People see her as a well grounded emotional and intellectually wise woman. She is respected for her honesty and the way she shows respect to others.
:27 She is careful to watch what her family does, and does not participate in much waste of time. Even though she is involved in what her children do, she does it in such a way that her children appreciate her, and freely acknowledge how she blesses them.
:28 many woman want to do business, but they do it without making she to consistently prepare, they do it with an ill attitude of thinking they are more important than others, and they are frustrated with people when things don't go their way, instead of looking deeper with the time she has to make sure she prepares a better way all the time. This way she makes stride far beyond other woman.
:30-31 Her beauty is not weighed in what her physical appearance is, it is in her spirit, her successful endeavors, and how she treats others. Everyone, her children, her employees, her family, and her husband respect her highly, and she is justly due of all the respect she gets. Not because she says she is, but because she is a mighty confident woman in God.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the comment you have left me, it is very beautiful and meaningful. God bless and take care!!