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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Seashore Family

Dear Friends,

This evening we have created a new element to this Memorial Page.

The Seashore Family is a place for you to meet other families who have had their child's name written in the sand.

Here is how it works:

We want you to write your own child's name in the sand in a place that is special to you! We understand that not everyone lives near the beach so maybe you could find a lake, river or just a lovely place where there is some sand for you to write in. Send us a photo of the name and a photo of yourselves where the name was written. If you have a website, blog, memorial page or YOUTUBE trbute that you would like to share with everyone please send us the link and we will include it in your post. We are looking forward to seeing all the names from different parts of this world.

We are open to your thoughts and suggestions so please leave a comment here if you have something to say. Please find the link to The Seashore Family on the left hand side of this page. Our Seashore Family email address is on the Family site at the bottom of the page.

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