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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Angel Serra Wingate

Angel Serra Wingate
August 14th, 2009
Delivered stillborn at 22 weeks


"Think of me every day, hold tight to what I say,
And I'll be close to you, even from far away.
Know that wherever you are, it is never too far.
If you think of me, I'll be with you.
Think of God's love for you. His word is good and true.
No matter where you go, He will take care of you.
Sleep now and close your eyes, soft as a lullaby,
Soon you'll wake up and the day will be new."
(Veggie Tales lullaby)

"I don't want to say good-bye. I never got to say hello.
But an angel must fly in heaven and that's why you had to go.
Through my crying eyes I look up at the sky,
To see our little Angel spread her wings to fly.
The thoughts are too hard to think, the words too hard to say.
A little soul in heaven got angel wings today.
My eyes shed so many tears, so when you look down,
An ocean of love reflecting an Angel in the clouds.
It's so hard to understand God's master plan
When He broke so many hearts when He took you from our hands."
(Angel's Song written by Daddy)

We love you, sweet Angel. We miss you more than words can say.
Love and kisses,
Mommy, Daddy and Connor

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Debbie Serra said...

Angel-My precious grandchild, daughter of my daughter, I have loved you since I knew you were coming! And I miss you so much! I can not wait until I see you in heaven and you can be the one to introduce me to Jesus. I just wish it had been the other way around. See you on the other side my precious. Love and kisses always and forever-Mom Mom

Diane Grue said...

Angel- you are from a family that loved you from the start! You are with the one that knows the reason why...and one day you will be in the arms of the ones that have and will always love you here on earth! Most do not have the privilege of feeling love of this kind but just know that you meant the world to them. Rest until you are all together again.