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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Emma Grace, Hannah Rae and Reese Daniel McBride

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Sara Alexander said...

To the Mommy of Reese, Emma & Hannah -

I noticed your wonderful tribute to your babies this evening - it stood out because I too have a Hannah and an Emma. Hannah is my angel child, and Emma her sister. I am moved beyond words by your losses and humbled by your amazing courage.

While I do not know what God is doing when things like this happen, I feel so much love when I pray for you that I am weeping as I sit here typing. Please know, for whatever it is worth to you, that I will lift you up in prayer. I am overwhelmed with the feeling that God himself knows your children personally, and loves them, and while I ended up on this site this evening wondering where my Hannah is just now, and feeling so far away from her, I leave it feeling that she is well with her God, neither alone nor lonely - she is in heaven, along with your children.

Love and prayers,