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Monday, May 31, 2010

Averee Lyn Schroeder

Averee Lyn Schroeder
Born sleeping on September 29, 2009
Fergus Falls MN USA

Those we have held
in our arms
for a little while,
we hold in our

We will have you in our hearts forever!
You are loved and missed everyday! We love you sweet baby

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justDani said...

We will miss you too Averee!

The Jensens

Missy said...

Love you Averee are forever missed. Love, The Schwartz's

Anonymous said...

You were meant for something bigger than
this world, you are loved and missed.
-Auntie Myrantha

Mallory said...

Mommy Loves you Averee Lyn!

Young Schumom said...

So touching that someone who doesn't even know your face, who lives across the world cares for one of God's precious little gifts, the way a mother would. You are missed everyday!