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Monday, May 31, 2010

Florrie Morris

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Anonymous said...

Missing you a lot today our little Princess, thank you for watching over us this last month, hopefully we'll have a brother or sister on the way for you soon. We love you more than words can say my darling girls. Mum & Dad

Anonymous said...

We miss you more than words will ever say Florrie.

Now you're a Big Sister but sadly not how we had hoped.

Look after Our Twins, your baby brothers or sisters, as they make their journey to be with you today. We love them as much as you my darling..

Be Happy - the three greatest loves of our lives.

Forever, Mum & Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Miss you so much my little maggot, look after our twins till I can come and look after all three of my gorgeous little ones.
Love you All, Mum & Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

My Beautiful Daughters..

Florrie, this is our second Christmas and New Year without you to share it with. We miss you so much. Look after your little sisters Scout and Scamp, show them how to build sandcastles on the beach.

We Love all three of you with all our hearts.

Happy New Year my 3 gorgeous girls.

Mum & Dad xxx