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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Benaniah James Chmielewski

Benaniah James Chmielewski
Born full term with Angel Wings~ June 18th, 2009

Benaniah, This is your story~ you have eight brothers and sisters, and last June your Momma was in labor with you at home in water.Then something happend and we had to rush to the hospital, you and I were sleeping thru it all.
I had a very rare thing happen to me called Amniotic Fluid Embolism , I died four times over.
God saved me thru all that but my son you were not able to stay with us
You are in Jesus arms.
Momma was asleep for 5 days and when I woke up Daddy told me I lost my uterus` And that I had no babies (twins, thought we were having twins). God did sustain your momma..But thru my hurting heart of loosing you, and knowing you were my last baby I have found healing in my hands, I am learning to make reborn dolls, I am learning sculpting babies and my sewing, your sister and I are making things for babies who do not make it in the world to give to the hospital.
My son, you gave this all to me. You are healing my heart♥
I look forward to seeing you when I fly to Heaven,I love you Sweet Pea♥

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Leslie said...

Wow...what a powerful story. God Bless you and may your angel watch over and protect you the rest of your days on earth until you meet him again!

Tracey said...

I remember those days, the prayers, the hope, the sadness... The thankfulness that your family trusted the Lord. Much love to you all. Tracey