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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Logan Gregson

Logan Gregson
Born 16th December 2003
Passed / Away September 25th 2010

When i was one i was just begun
Now i am two i was hardly new
Now i am three i am hardly me
Now i am four i am not much more
Now i am five i am just alive
Now i am six i am clever as clever so i think i'll be six now forever and ever x x
Love you Logibear and all your friends and family miss and love you just the same lad, you'll never be forgot, how could you be, and i hoipe you are with me everyday til we all see you in person again, please look after us lad, i know you will x x x x x x six kisses for such a special little boy x x x x x x

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Anonymous said...

Miss and love you loads and loads Logan xxxxxx