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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Piper Sadie Tokas Crane

Piper Sadie Tokas Crane
Born asleep in heaven May 15th 2011

For Sweet Piper

An angel born in heaven -
So quickly home you flew.
But in such precious time,
We witnessed love we never knew.
We each were blessed to know you.
We loved you from the start.
You were in our arms a moment,
But forever in our hearts.

- Joanna Penny -

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Anonymous said...

Words can not express the affect this gift had on me today when I saw my precious baby's name written under such a stunning sun set on such a beautiful beach. I am at a loss for the perfect words other than to say; I feel the love of an extremely thoughtful friend who arranged this, and I also feel that my baby was legitimately here on earth, if not to just have a complete stranger carve her name in the sand half a world away. Thank you for what you are doing for others like myself. (And thank you, Joanna, for yet another breath taking gift). Sincerely, Piper's mommy, Priscilla Crane

Anonymous said...

Piper is Flown Dove. And I love her. I wish this family another child