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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Braun Nathaniel Greufe

Braun Nathaniel Greufe 
Born into the arms of Angels on July 25, 2012
Clinton, Mo USA

When we first found out about you we couldn't be more happy.  When we learned you were our little boy we were filled with joy.  When we learned you no longer had a heartbeat we cried like we never have before.
When you were delivered we were so happy to meet our little bundle of joy.
When we had to let you go we cried and our hearts broke in many little pieces.
You gave us hope, faith, and love.
It is because of you that we can still smile and love each other more than we ever have and for that we can't thank you enough.
One day we will be reunited as a family in the Heavens above.
You will forever be in our hearts "our little stuffing"

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