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Sunday, September 2, 2012

George Henry Atwell Benke

George Henry Atwell Benke  
Born on August 5, 2011
Passed over on August 5, 2011
 Portland, Oregon

May our son live on in small yet magnificent ways.

In the beauty that is a brilliantly shaped Flower,
The way it fills up space
More delightful and heady than the rest of the blossoms.

In a dark night sky, the stars cluttering it, seemingly endless and then there is One.
It's light asking us to look again.
Our eyes rest there, at ease watching this cosmic wonder, this galaxy dance.

In the glance of another baby Boy,
Blond curls and blue eyes that announce
“Here's what I might have been, so don't forget me, know I was yours and I chose you both and love you, still.”

And may he live sweetly between the space where our hands once held,
That wondrous love holding him in and up and around, ever protected.
Even when our hands our are translucent and papery, our fingers tired and curled.
That space, like him, like love, immortal.

~ From your mother

For George Henry Atwell Benke
Born August 5, 2011, age 20 weeks, always our little sweetie.

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soulsurfer said...

There is a swell in my heart and in my throat. There is only remembering, and tenderness beyond all reason. As it should be. Thank you for sharing.