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Monday, September 8, 2008


Born 27th March 1996.
Born into Heaven on the 17th September 2004.

May the winds of love blow softly
And whisper so you`ll hear,
We will always love and miss you
And wish that you were here.
Love,Mummy,Daddy,Bradley,Emily,Tiger & Kieren.XXX.

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Anonymous said...

Carly,you lifted our spirits when we were down and we thankyou so much for a lovely site,that brings us peace.Best wishes to you and your family,and thanks from our Son Brendan from up

Anonymous said...

"mumofmany" I am glad having Brendans name written in the sand has lifted your spirits a little. You will be in my thoughts on the 17th of this month. Please be gentle on yourself and take care. You are often in my thoughts
Nat from BB XX