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Monday, March 2, 2009

Sophia Michelle

Born into Heaven: 12/5/2008
New York

We miss you every day. We wish we could kiss your cheeks. We wish we could rock you to sleep. We wish we could hold you. We wish we could dress you in pretty clothes. We wish we could watch you grow. We will keep your memory with us wherever we go.

Sweet angel,
Mommy and Daddy will love you forever.

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Anonymous said...

Her name looks so beautiful!!!I knew it was you guys when you wrote how you wish you could dress her in pretty clothes..I know Sophia is playing with Makayla..


Anonymous said...

Perfect!!!!! She's smiling right back at you guys! God has blessed her with loving parents.


Anonymous said...

We still can not believe you are not here with us. Knowing you are in heaven watching over us and your wonderful parents brings us comfort. Send them peace and joy today. ~Aunt Cath and Uncle Marc

Anonymous said...

To my daughter,

I see this picture and these words, and thnk of how much joy you have brought me, even though I never really got to know you. How much joy would you have brought me, if you were with me today?

I love you Ilove you I love you!


Mommy will write you a message too.

Anonymous said...

Little Birdy,

I feel like I am really talking to you when I come to this site. I miss you so much. I love you every second of the day.


Anonymous said...


I saw a little sparrow hopping in the grass today. It made me think of you. Thanks for visiting me.

I Love You and miss you. I wish you were here with me and Mommy. Visit her too.



Anonymous said...


Sorry it took Mommy so long to leave you a note. I miss you every second of every day and wish you were here with us.

I know you are watching over Mommy and Daddy from heaven and please know although you might see us cry you have brought us nothing but happiness.

You are forever our daughter and we will keep your memory with us wherever we go.

I love you so much!


Anonymous said...

Hello little baby. I still miss you. You and your little sisters bring me so much joy. Watch over us Little Birdy.

I'll never leave you angel baby. Please don't ever leave me either.