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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Charlie Elijah White

Charlie Elijah White
Born 19 April 2009 granted his wings 29 July 2009

To our Angel Boy Charlie Elijah White
Charlie Bucket
Charlie Chuckles
Mister Charlie
Little Possum Eyes

The Angel of our hearts

Never a name so beautiful and never a name to sum up your soul.

On the day I found that you were growing inside of me, I had never been so excited, happy and fulfilled in my life...I had been waiting a life time for you.

I was always scared that my heart wouldn't be able to handle loving some on as much as I was going to love you.

But on the morning of Sunday 19th April 2009 after 19 hours of labour and you not breathing for 6 minutes after you were born, I found you...they took you away because you were a little sick and I worried the whole time (your daddy was there), but when I awoke and looked over there you were with those giant eyes and from that point on, I knew that I was yours and you were mine and that I'd love you till the end of time.

I'm sorry if I ever cause you pain or let you cry or be unhappy for too long and I'm sorry you had to feel the cold when I changed your nappy or got you ready for a bath.

If your ever cold or need a hug, know that there is always a warm safe place within my heart....But I know your already there.

I wish I had my time over again, and I'd kiss away every tear and give you everything you want...You would never have to cry for your wants or ever be lonely because I'd be there.

I know that one day we'll meet again, but for now I have to stay, to help others and daddy on their day.

But if you need me just whisper my name and know that I'll be there.

You are and always will be the perfect being and angel that ever changed my life.

I know you've found peace and have your wings, like any angel should do...But please, please baby boy, know that mummy and daddy miss you and love you so much.

We love you forever the angel of our hearts.

The sun is always shining on you and always will.

But I'll never forget you.

Love you forever


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Lisa& said...

Beautiful Charlie,
Although I never met you, I feel as if I knew you,Charlie you are so very loved and very missed, Love to you little boy, Kate & Jesse, from Lisa, Dave & Ruby xox

Elizabeth said...

The most beautiful momento for charlie who was loved so much xxoo

Elizabeth said...

The most beautiful momento for charlie who was loved so much xxoo