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Friday, February 19, 2010

Jasper Caleb Smith

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Anonymous said...

Oh so very beautiful.... thank you for such a wonderful image of remembering our friends little angel. Never met you Jasper, but love you always. Thinking of you always Dave, Lisa and Ruby. Love you Scott, Kylie, Caleb & Saraya

HayleyB said...

So beautiful. I miss you so very much Jasper. Love you always. - Aunty Hayley

Lisa& said...

Jasper, my baby boy, Until we meet again, As long as I am here on earth my heart will beat for you and we will be as one.... forever love Mummy xox

Thankyou Carly, for writing Jasper's name in the sand, you truely have a gift.

Sue said...

Rest in peace beautiful little Jasper. Carly your photo is once agian amazing. your gifts to families are amazing.