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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Taryn Nora Lockhart

Taryn Nora Lockhart
July 29 ~ September 22, 2009
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Forever Missing You
(For my Sweet Taryn, By: Mama)

As I gazed into your eyes,
The moment that we met,
My heart filled with a love so strong,
I never will forget.

Not once did I believe,
As I held you on my heart,
That there would ever come a time,
We’d be so far apart.

Looking into your eyes,
I saw a future so bright,
I see those big eyes shining,
In all my dreams at night.

You filled my whole heart up,
Completed my life,
Your absence hurts so deep,
Like my heart sliced with a knife.

I can’t imagine a time,
When I won’t cry for you,
And all the moments that we lost,
We had far too few.

I’m so grateful for the time we had,
When your Mama, I got to be,
Those memories etched into my mind,
Now mean the world to me.

You’ll always be my little girl,
I’ll always be your mother,
The hole forever in my heart,
Can be filled by no other.

As I look into our future,
It now just seems so wrong,
I cry for our lost dreams of you,
In our arms where you belong.

Now each and every day,
All that I can do,
Is try to carry on,
Forever missing you.

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Shauna said...

Thank you SO much Carly. This is SO beautiful. I love it.

<3 Taryn's Mama

Andrea Lee said...

To see her name written on a beach on the other side of the world is such a powerful thing... Thank you Carly for remembering Taryn with all of us, but especially with Shauna and Randolph. Beautiful.

Julia said...

A stunning photo and a beautiful idea. Thank you for celebrating Taryn this way and sharing it with all of us.