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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chance William Ohrn

Chance William Ohrns
Born October 6, 1999
and pass away February 16th, 2000.

Written 2/9/11 – Cynthia R Burkhow

A beautiful name,
stands on its own merits
Strong and powerful with many opportunities,
when the time came I acknowledge you; my precious angel with such a honor; was a day of celebration, a day of awakening for me
I grew up learning to be a mom where I failed before,

There the dreadful moment to remind me that I won’t see
my baby be a young man as each year passes.
Cannot believe how time escape as I reflect!
I come far since I knew the ache deep within.

Ready to fly, ready to do anything
I am been down, down to the ends of the world trying
to understand this need.

All I can say is God is good and gives unconditional grace!
He puts his amazing arms around me from time to time,
I knowledge you’re my angel watching over me,
The words whisper from a Bible verse “Fear not my child I am here for you”
gives me the most comfort.

This ache is like a scorpion bite; it so uncomfortable that I don’t know how to breathe,
But praise to God; as my heavenly father who gives me the extra strength I need so much.
Valentine day is not just for man and woman. It about a love you can never replace such as a mom and child, dad and child, or even the one exist with God toward us.
I end this with my valentine wish:
Love with your whole heart not half because
the love is grander than being alone and cold heart.
I love you Chance William Ohrns

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Cynthia R Burkhow said...

Thank you. He is my guardian angel who i can't wait to see one day in heaven with my other love ones.

Ohrns said...

To my sister,

When God gave you a gift, He didn't give you a second "Chance" at being a mom. He gave you the strength to live again. When God chose to take our miracle boy away, he continues to give "Chances" strength to move onto another day.

In losing our daughter and your niece, we can relate to the "scorpion bite", which is an awesome description of the pain in losing a child.

Always remember as with God's love, Chance's love is like the numerous grains of sands.