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Monday, April 18, 2011


Born 24th August 2003 and went with the angels 12 April 2011
Perth WA

You were our Mighty Warrior,
fought to the end with great courage

My Kael, you are the brightest star in the sky.

Love and miss you so much.

Cancer is spreading each day further and further to lives of many,
It is vile; it is despicable and shows nothing but contempt.

Like a wild bushfire,
it cannot be contained.

Once it takes hold, it sucks the oxygen out of our very souls,
centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch, breath by breath.

We try and slow the destruction with all the chemotherapy and the like,
but it seems to be spreading as quick as we can say 1,2 and 3.

It seems to be a numbers game,
will it take hold and ultimately extinguish your earthly flame.

It leaves tears, heartbreak and havoc in its wake.
as we fight to make it stop.

It strikes the young, the middle aged and the old.
as it knows no barriers of race, creed or wealth

No one is safe from its grasp.
as we all pray it will never strike us or our families.

We must do all we can, to stop it in its tracks and make sure it never wins!

In honour of our Mighty Warrior Kael, we need to keep fighting for a cure for Childhood Cancer.

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Leah Holman said...

Love you my beautiful Mighty Warrior xxxx

BrandonMom said...

Miss you Kael!

Amanda and Jordan x said...

Fly like the angel that you are Kael XxX

Debbie Van Malssen said...

Fly high with the Angels Kael, we love you xxx

Morag said...

Fly high, fly free Kael. Peace from the UK. xx