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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jessy Dominique Tolentino

Jessy Dominique Tolentino
Placed in my arms June 18th 2006.
Taken back to Heavenly Father's arms August 3rd 2006.

Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Through the years, people try to tell me "It gets easier to cope, or one day you will get over it..." No I never will, yes it gets slightly easier to realize he is in a better place, but My Love only continues to grow as I watch my two babies now learn and grow. You are always thought about my angel and I know you are always with me.... You will be forever missed! Mommy loves you Jessy! I can't wait to teach your brothers about you little man!

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Johna Lindsay said...

Binks what a most beautimous tribute to our baby Jessers! The kids all know now who Jessy is, we get to teach them about his beautiful tiny life! It was so priceless and I don't even know if you know this baby but yesterday at the Planetarium in OKC, when the lights went out and the stars came up...the very first question Adyson asked was Oomah, which one is Jessy? True story! This is beautiful, thank you to Christians Beach for providing such a beautiful memorial to our lil grandman. Love and Miss you baby boy! Oomah and Oompah