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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Micah Duquette

Micah Duquette
Conceived October 2011 - Miscarried January 5, 2012
United States

Our dearest Micah...we were only able to see you on an ultrasound, and you were never able to make it into this life. But we have loved you since the moment we knew you were conceived. You have joined your sister, Sophia, and your other sibling Angel in Heaven. And we know that our gracious Heavenly Father is keeping you in His amazing love and care. You were not a mishap. The Lord knitted you in my womb, exactly as He wanted you to be. And we will be with you again one day. Mommy, Daddy, Gabrielle, & Callan will love you forever & remember you always. Until we are reunited, my sweet baby...we love you.

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