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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mathew Caleb Greenstreet

Mathew Caleb Greenstreet 
12/25/10 to 6/09/11

Our Blue Eyed Angel
Wishes Up Above by Cynthia R Burkhow 7-10-12
Words do not describe the ache within,
A voice can’t relay the heartache,
The heart feels what the heart knows
Once second you care and watch a little
Then in a second they vanish and
do not exist!
Why did you need to go instead of me?
I wish you were here not up there,
Selfish I am –for a mom who want so
much for you!
You were headstrong and full
Of life,
You smile and let people know you,
I wish up above is that you a cool
helping others and make them
You made a difference in my heart
You be forever loved, missed and cherished
One day we will reunite! 

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Cynthia R Burkhow said...

I wish I knew little precious Mathew. Thank you for coming in this world and making an impression. You will be forever missed little angel from above. Hugs to Mom!