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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ta'Ji Zahari Greene

Ta'Ji Zahari Greene 
 Born Sleepng March 11th 2011

Although you budded like a beautiful flower, your life wasn't meant to be spent here on earth with Mom and Dad, but with God through eternity.  When the sorrow in our hearts lessens, we'll remember you and smile.  No one can take your place in our hearts or the precious memories.  When our lives here on earth are ended, we'll meet once again on that day.  When God calls all of His children home, forever more with Him to stay.  Remember always that we love you.   

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Anonymous said...

this is so special. I believe he must be smiling as he looks down from heaven and sees his name written in the sand. He knows too that his name is written forever in our hearts. Thanks be to God - we will see him again when we all get home.