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Friday, August 3, 2012

Pippin-Lily Grace Regan

Pippin-Lily Grace Regan 
Born as twin to Maggie Jane on the 13th of September 2011. Passed away September 22nd 2011.    Roma. Queensland

Our Beautiful Baby Pippin-Lily Grace,
Daddy always wanted a Pippin!
Mummy always wanted a Lily Grace!
We decided if we had another daughter this would be the perfect name for her. What a wonderful surprise it was to have two daughters born one minute apart and of course you were the tiny one- our little Pippin-Lily - whom we affectionately nicknamed our little 'Pipsqueak'.
As tiny as you were you were quite strong. The nurses, whom loved you dearly and cared for you wholeheartedly, would often giggle about how fiesty you were. You didn't like a wet or dirty nappy, or your food being late. You didn't lke being moved, however you always settled when we had warm kangaroo cuddles.
These are the precious memories we cling to and will forever share with your siblings; twin sister Maggie, big sister Harriet and proud big brother Cooper.
Sadly we are going to miss seeing you grow up alongside Maggie, sharing milestones and playing happily under the bottle tree at home.
Today we grieve for our precious baby daughter, who worked her magic and bought such joy and love to our lives.
Although our arms will always ache to hold you one more time and our hearts are broken as dreams for your future have been taken away, we think of the beautiful and thoughtful words your big brother Cooper said, ""Even though we can't see Pippin-Lily, she will always be in our hearts.""
We love you so much our little darling and through our lives memories of you will live forever......go in peace to our Lord.
All our love from Mummy, Daddy, Cooper, Harriet and Maggie xo

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