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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brendan Raymond Lewis

Brendan Raymond Lewis 
Born sleeping on May 17th 2012. 
California USA 

Love was the only thing our baby ever knew.

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Grandma Laura said...

Our angel lives in our hearts forever!

Unknown said...

My nephew is perfect and has left a mark in our hearts forever!

Mommy said...

I miss and love my son so much!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Lynn said...
Brendan, you are a cherished bundle of love we will see and hold in heaven. Jesus, please give Brendan hugs and kisses from all of us every day until we see him. We know he knows no sorrow or pain. He has no tears and has angels and kids and grandmas to play with and laugh with. Most of all he looks forward to seeing his mommy and daddy - he will know them and run to them to be caught up in their arms. It's just how good God is and how wonderful heaven will be!