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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Charis Rebekah Houser Perry

Charis Rebekah Houser Perry 
Born sleeping December 3rd 2010 
Missouri, USA 

You were so tiny but my love for you is huge. I'm glad God allowed me to have you, even if it was for just a short time. The months I carried you, I dreamed of our future with your daddy who was so excited about you, and your brother who was aloof as most teenagers are. I planned how to decorate your room and could just imagine how beautiful and sweet you would be as a little girl in your flower garden. I'm sure you would have been quite a handful being a combination of your dad and me though I would have loved every minute. I wanted you for so long. My heart has ached for you for years and years before you even came and it will ache until the day I see you again. I look forward to the day that I will meet you in Heaven my precious Charis. I love you and remember you everyday.   

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