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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lucy Marie

Lucy Marie 
Heaven Day - December 29, 2009 
United States 

Dandelion, Lucy

I once had a Dandelion, Lucy.
That I held so very near.
One day though, I let her go.
And now I Miss her Dear.

I gave her the name, Lucy.
And I mourned for her for years.
For what I once thought was a weed,
Had caused so many tears.

Tears. And tears. And tears.
I fell down to my knees.
Lord, deliver me!

For each seed would have made a difference
Now they are all gone.

Lord please help me fill this hole.
Let me fix what I have done.

I can't.
My Dandelion is gone.
Never to return to me.
But I will go to her.

*If I had one wish, I would wish for you, Dear Lucy.*

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