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Friday, April 5, 2013

Aidan Christopher Lawson Chhokar

Aidan Christopher Lawson Chhokar  
6th March 2012 - 8th March 2012   
Aidan, our perfect little boy - we love and miss you more than words could ever say. We are so proud of you. Keep on shining, our fiery little star. xxx  

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Anonymous said...

Aidan, thanks for sharing a beautiful Violet sky with us and your baby sister, what could be more apt? We wish we could have met you, brave boy, Love from Auntie Amy & Uncle Michael xxx

Helen said...

Aidan, thank you for sending us your little sister - she brings us lots of smiles and little glimpses of what you might have been like. We miss you so much.
Mummy, Daddy and Baby Violet. xxx