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Friday, April 26, 2013

Jadon Bell

Jadon Bell 
Due June 18, 2013
Left the comfort of Mommy's womb on November 16, 2012
I am thankful for every single day I was able to carry you. It wasn't as long as I would have liked, but I'm glad I was able to have you with me for a short time. You are loved. Always and forever. Say hello to your brothers and sisters for me.

Until I'm able to hold you for the first time,

A thousand words could never bring you back,
I know because I tried.
Neither could a thousand tears,
I know because I cried.
-Author Unknown

I love you forever. You and your brothers and sisters are my angels

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Jennifer said...

I followed the link from your blog. This is beautiful. My sweet baby James (carried for 16 weeks) is in heaven with Jesus too. Like you, I look forward to the day when I will meet him and hear him say "hi mama".
sharing your tears.
a sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

I followed your link from your blog. We just lost our angel last week. I'm so glad to have found this. It is much comfort.

Bobbie Griffis said...

I love that your baby's name was written on the beach. So sweet. I carried my baby girl full term and went two weeks over my due date. She went into fetal distress and we lost her. Her name is Ashleigh. I miss her so much but I know she is in heaven. The loss of a child is something you never truly get over. You learn to deal. Bless all parents who have experienced this kind of pain and grief. I pray for us all to find peace.

Angela Christine said...

Sending you, your husband, Jadon, and your other babies love. I linked from your blog and wanted you to know I said a prayer for all of you just in case today is one of the rough days in your grief. <3

Tizzie Barczynski said...

I was set up to adopt a beautiful baby but my friend miscarried them at 16 weeks two days's been extremely hard as my friend needs time so I don't know if it was a boy or a girl yet...but the pain of losing them even though I didnt physically carry them I still feel the pain so heavily but they join my twins Addison and Gabriel who would be almost 10 next year

Anonymous said...

Princess Sophia Rios born on September 20, 2017 @ 10:17am weighing 6lb. 5oz measuring 18 inches. To beautiful for Earth our princess was born sleeping.

Marsdinis said...

I just my little Serena Faith last week. She was 19 weeks. What a beautiful picture of your baby's name. I think all our babies are together having a most glorious time with Jesus- but I do so wish she could have stayed.... love and prayers to all of us who are missing our babies