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Friday, April 5, 2013

Annabelle Catalina So

Annabelle Catalina So  
10th of August 2012 
Sydney, Australia 
Thank you for showing us the world. Cuddles and Omps for our little Annaboo from Mummy and Daddy.

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annabellesmum said...

Our Dearest Annabelle,

Not a day goes by that we don't think of you.
We think of what could have been.
What might have been.
What should have been.
Eating with us at dinner time,
Playing at Balmoral Beach,
Welcoming Daddy home from work…
But its not all about that.

You come into our minds when we hear the birds sing,
See a beautiful clear blue day,
And when we see all the colours of sunset splash across the sky.

You have also got us to appreciate the affection shown to us by our loved ones and the kindness and generosity of complete strangers.
You have reminded us to see the world and be thankful for those things we took for granted or just never noticed until now.
You have well and truly shown us the world.

People may not understand and wonder why we would say all of this is because of you when you did not step one foot on this earth.
But the day you died changed us forever.
We are different people because of you, Annabelle.
We will never be the same and we would never want to be the same.

We would give anything to have you back in our lives.
To eat dinner with us, play at Balmoral with us, to welcome Daddy home from work...
But that was never meant to be...

We will never truly want to understand why you could not be with us but comfort doesn't come from the explained...
Comfort comes from me imagining that you are up there in the clouds of heaven, playing with Uncle Danny, Grandma and Grandpa So as well as with all your great grandparents.
We also like to think you now have a little brother or sister to look after and play with too.

My beautiful baby girl, We love you and miss you.
Each day that passes brings me closer to the day we will be together again.

Happy Heavenly 1st Angelversary our daughter, Annabelle.
Love Mummy and Daddy
10 August 2013