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Friday, March 26, 2010

Christopher David Dunlap

Christopher David Dunlap
August 17, 2008 - November 22, 2009

Where Have You Gone My Little One?

Where have you gone, my little one?
You cannot be gone, it cannot be so...
My life, my breath, my beautiful son
Cannot be gone, I'll not let you go...

I suffer the night and rage at the dawn
Live through each day and try not to think
Pretend to myself that you haven't gone
Drowning in agony, trying not to sink...

I live in fear that time will fade
The beautiful face that lingers in my mind
The joyous you that heaven made
Will somehow, somewhere, be left behind...

But time, it is an endless thing
If love is timeless now, as then
Then one day time will surely bring
Him back to my arms again

And then the Heavens will resound
As our souls blend into one
And what was ever lost is found
As I hold onto my little one...

I love you Christopher David. More than life, more than death, more than this world or the next. You have my heart and soul with you, I will only be whole when we are together again. I love you baby!

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KMD said...

Mama loves you Pumpkin and misses you every single second of the day. You are my sunrise and sunset. You are everything to me, you always have been and always will be. We will be together soon honey. I hope you have lots of little friends to play with and you get to go outside and play anytime you want. I hope someone is giving you tons of hugs and kisses and telling you how very very special you are and how incredibly loved you are. I love you with all of my heart and soul Baby! Momma will be there soon, please save a place for me!

KMD said...

I miss you so much Christopher David. I can hardly breathe without you my love. I hope I can see you soon baby. Mama is so lost without you. I want so badly to hear you little giggles and feel your warm embrace. I love you Pumpkin. With all that I am.